The main goal of the Berea Wiffle League is to create a charitable and competitive environment that all ages can enjoy!


It all started in 2015 when four friends from Berea, Ohio organized the BWL for themselves and their friends around the backyard sport classic. All players invited to participate were drafted and played on 4 separate teams, managed by the four pals that started the league, Jacob Andrews, Matthew Yakimow, Mariano Stafford, and Brenden Piwinski. Berea Wiffle was an instant success among everyone involved. After the first ever BWL season, the four creators didn’t want to limit the fun to just their friends but wanted to get other kids in their community involved as well.


Their solution was to hold tournaments that anyone could participate in. The first ever tournament held, dubbed the BWL August Classic, had numerous teams join and was well received by players and parents alike. The 2016 summer, the BWL would continue with the tournament style format that everyone could enjoy. To expand on the first tournament’s success, the BWL added various other tournaments to last throughout the whole summer.


In 2017 and future seasons, the BWL looks to continue the Wiffle tradition and give back to their community. All profits from tournaments have gone to the local Berea Animal Rescue and giving back to more local charities in the future is one of the BWL’s main objectives as a league.


If you would like to stay up to date with the BWL, follow us on social media!

Instagram: @bereawiffle or


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